Monthly Archives: May 2014

Collins – Otto Group launches ambitious open commerce project

Just saw this video from Collins:

My German is not that good but I understand that the Otto Group company Collins has launched the platform This is a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform with an API beneath enabling developers to create their own apps with the content provided from shop. 

1. generation ecommerce is about merchandising your product correct, providing a seamless basket experience offering the right logistic and customer care. “We get that” they say. 

2. generation ecommerce is about provide a much more entertaining and personalized shopping experience, with much more freedom to decide presentation and layout through the use of 3. party apps. 

Looking forward to follow the project and to see if any competitors wants and are able to follow. You need a fairly flexible system behind the scene to pull it off which puts up a natural entrance barrier. 

Marketing is not the responsibility of the marketing department

Marketing is everybodies responsibility according to Harry Booker, former CMO of Telefónica Digital.

According to Gary Marketing today is much more about P/L, numbers and creating value than about creative work.

I agree, today you need to be much more aware of your numbers all the way through the company. And it is not enough to create positive ROI on the media investment. It is just as important to manage your COGS and the ressources it takes to deliver on the product sold.