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About Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

So what’s the deal with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (GAEE )? Google Analytics did a big update on their ecommerce reporting last year. Here’s a run through some of the most important arrivals making GA even more compelling as your Analytics tool.

What makes GAEE so interesting is that it a very huge update with the single purpose to help you getting closer to answering why people visit your website and chose not to finish a purchase?

GAEE is an addition to the Universal Analytics library and it provides you with data on a whole new level. For GAEE to work you need to implement new code and also feed Google Analytics with information from external sources in order to figure out return rates. This is a little tricky and naturally the quality of the reports you receive in the end will depend on the quality of the data you deliver. But it might be worth the effort since returns can make or break an ecommerce company especially within fashion where we see return rates north of 50% in some categories.

Once everything is in its place you can start seeing things like how many times a certain product has been viewed and bought making reports on conversion rates per product possible. This will help you getting a much better grip on your merchandising performance.

You can start tracking affiliate codes, product codes etc. revealing the secrets of coupons and their efficiency.

In my opinion some of the biggest wins happens with the much significantly improved insights into funnel action e.g. which products are added or removed from the shopping cart, add-to-cart rate, login dropoff, shipping dropoff, payment dropoff et.

Investing time in GAEE means investing in a deeper understanding of what makes customers tick and click. But be aware; It only works with Universal Analytics and not older versions and it will make your analytics installation even more complex.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more about GAEE and how your business can benefit from it.