Ecommerce videos – damn interesting!

The last year when looking through new trends within ecommerce, I always stumble upon ecommerce video as an exceptionally growing activity in US.

RecentlyI have found a couple of interesting and free reports on the subject of ecommerce video. has released a white paper called “The Online Retailer’s Guide to Video Merchandising Success” and SundaySky released a report called “State of E-commerce Video”.

Invodo – ecommerce video increase your conversion rate with 30% in average

Invodo has studied 53 of it’s customers who in total have 7.314 product pages with ecommerce videos embedded. Invodo found that the conversion rate on the product pages has increased with in average 30%. “Assume you get 500,000 visits per month, each one viewing two product pages. If you currently convert at 3% with a $100 average transaction, you have $3,000,000 in monthly sales. A 30% increase in conversion would bring your conversion rate to 3.9% and add $900,000 in monthly sales.”

This is one of the clearest indications I have seen so far that Ecommerce videos are of vital importance for webshops. As a webshop manager you need to start experimenting with video to get some experience in what works and what doesn’t.

SundaySky – get the indexing right or lose a good SEO potential

SundaySky’s study covers top 50 online retailers according to Internet Retailer’s 2010 Guide. One of their key findings is that the adoption of ecommerce videos in US is moving a lot faster than expected. 65% of the top 50 internet retailers have more that one video on their site – it doesn’t say if it is a product video though.

This report mainly focuses on retailers missing the opportunity to exploit the SEO potential related to ecommerce videos. This is illustrated with their second key finding – less that 10% of the top 200 retailers have more than 10 videos indexed and only 4% have more than 100 videos indexed. This is conflicting with the point that app. 30% of the websites total traffic accounts from search engines.

It gets worse. When looking at YouTube the second biggest search engine 24% of the top retailers are not present. 34% have more than 100 videos on their YouTube channel. A lot of the top sellers in US is apparently missing a huge potential on YouTube since 30% of the top sellers have received more than a million views on their channel – probably the same that has more than 100 videos or more.

Whats next

  • Accoring to Forrester there is still a lot of work to get done to fully understand how we should implement ecommerce videos. “Retailers should focus on understanding drivers of consumer usage and find appropriate contextual uses for product videos by integrating them into the overall eCommerce experience.” In other we still need to experiment with where exactly to put our videos in order to get full value for money. This also suggest that the average conversion rate improvement potentially is much more that the 30% Invodo found.
  • Along with the improved conversion rate these insights opens a huge potential for you affiliate program – if you can raise your conversion rate with that much you need to start re-negotiate your incentive structure or get prepared to get much more traffic through that channel!
  • We need to get better at implementing the videos on our product pages in the first place in order to get the SEO effects. So don’t leave it unoptimized, untagged and unprofitable.
  • Pages with video are, on average, ranked much higher than those without: “Video stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page.” [Forrester, Jan 2009] (from SundaySky report)
  • Google presents video-powered search results as part of its universal search result pages (the standard search that most people use). Those searches are much more appealing and eye-catching than their textual counterparts because they have video properties and a video thumbnail attached, taking up more page real estate. Heat-map depiction of human interaction with search result pages shows that video-powered results draw users’ attention even when those are not the highest ranked result (though often they are). (from SundaySky report)

What do you think?
Have you had any experience with ecommerce videos?
What’s going on in Europe?
Please share some thoughts!

One thought on “Ecommerce videos – damn interesting!

  1. Russ Somers


    Thank you for the callout and link to Invodo’s recent whitepaper. We’re learning more every day as we work with our clients. As we have new research I’ll mention it to you, and feel free to keep an eye on – a lot of our findings show up there first.

    I’d agree that the potential conversion rate increase is more than 30%. We have clients who have seen more than twice that. There’s some secret sauce there as we’ve learned a lot, but the net is that the video needs to be purpose-driven, focus on features and benefits, designed to connect directly with the customer, and merchandised in the right location on the purchase path. It has a lot in common with good in-store merchandising and service – the right salesperson with the right information in the right place at the right time.

    Thank you again for the shout-out!

    Russ Somers, Invodo

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