TraceWorks and Attribution Management

TraceWorks asked in their Dojo which tool we would love to see in Headlight. Which tool can dramatically improve our performance?

My answer is Attribution Management. I would LOVE to see a Danish provider participate in the race for developing the one tool with potential to sweep the table.

Here is my Answer:
Hey! A competition and no winner announced. Great 🙂

For quite some time now I have been looking for a good tool to do attribution management. I simply need more information than my media agency can provide me on which campaigns, media channels and medias attributing to $$ and which are not.

We have deployed a “last-click-wins” approach for a long time and the last click is typically a search engine – thanks Google for that approach. Anywho, I need to know more about how the user ended up doing a specific search.  For this we need attribution management where we are moving back in the chain of influencers to do proper attribution of value for a sale.

Such an approach might help us advertisers to spent more money on creative and less tactical solutions. Or at least the bunch of us who wants to do the math before placing our bet 🙂

Forrester did a report on the subject in late October (read it here: It looks like the industry is finally starting to make a move and TraceWorks should definitely follow it.

One thought on “TraceWorks and Attribution Management

  1. Kasper

    get yourself a new agency then 🙂

    It is possible to track the activity path prior to the last click. As you mention the last click often comes from Google. But the path (or tail) of post last clicks activity tells you much more useful information.

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